Government Relations

No major corporation can be an effective national player unless it enjoys on-the-ground access to Canberra’s bureaucratic and political networks and has the requisite marketing strategy to go with it. AusAccess - by drawing on the skills, experience and network of its principals and associates - addresses that requirement.
 More specifically, AusAccess can assist by:
                                                                       Providing representative services to increase access and leverage within the Federal Government arena and facilitating access to Ministers, Parliamentarians (on a bipartisan basis) and advisers – for the executives of clients at the “right” level
Issues Management

In addition to understanding corporate strengths and weaknesses, all organisations must be prepared for the unexpected - they must have structures in place that will deal effectively with a crisis and take full advantage of an opportunity. Issues management is a process that positions an issue and an organisation to achieve the best outcome. It can be done as the pure management of an issue or “the back foot” approach - to deal with crises. Alternatively companies can take the promotional or “front foot” approach - to fully exploit the potential benefits of a particular issue.
Government Purchasing

Suppliers to Government including state governments and government businesses are obliged to seek some form of endorsement as a prerequisite to any significant level of sales. AusAccess, its associated companies and principal have established skills in matching clients to appropriate Government programs.
AusAccess provides information on - and analysis of Government policy including targeted, sector-specific strategies and intelligence. Such reports can provide significant competitive advantage to clients.


Strategic Advice to the Information & Communications Industries

AusAccess’s services are mostly quite active, they involve meeting, communicating, building relationships and alliances, a well as research and analysis. But for many of our clients our biggest value-add is actually strategic business advice.

Years of daily contact with Australia’s biggest enterprises, active participation in major business bids and ventures and the analytical mindset necessary to understanding politics all combine with the advantage of perspective and broad connections to enable us to provide insights that could not come any other way.

Qualitative Research: Stakeholder Analysis

Where organisations – large corporations and business organisations – need to examine their structure and operations including the perceptions of their Government stakeholders, AusAccess can offer tailored in-depth research. This is a unique service, which is based on AusAccess’ specialized knowledge of and access to Canberra-based decision makers and how organisations can respond to maximise advantage. ANZ Bank, Australian Business, the Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturer’s Association, and Standards Australia are past clients.
Defence Industries

AusAccess has proven expertise in Defence industry policy and acquisitions. The firm monitors the on-going review process noting changes in acquisition policy and the prospect of new sales, service and outsourcing opportunities as a result. Opportunities in armed services consolidation and the restructure of Defence support require careful handling.
Electronic Commerce

AusAccess is a pioneer in electronic commerce in Australia having run the first industry wide trial here in 1995-96 under the auspices of the Department of Industry and the Australian Chamber of Manufactures. The trial was based on the Trade’ex model (now part of Ariba) and won a Gartner U.S. award for its contribution to e-commerce.
AusAccess has extended its knowledge of e-commerce to other business efficiency tools along with methodologies for their take-up, efficacy and the economic impacts on government and industry. AusAccess has been the lead consultant to Tasmania Business (online) perhaps the most significant geographic project in Australia to date
Industry Development Issues and Policies

The industry policy experience of the principals in addition to the information and communications industries, spans Defence, construction, infrastructure, ship building, aerospace, general manufacturing, and certain service sector areas including the capital and finance industries, with an excellent understanding of the effect of globalisation on the Australian industry base.
IT industry

AusAccess has an established record in the management of I.T. Outsourcing arrangements. It extends to undertakings on support to suppliers and value added resellers, industry development obligations, research and development, export commitments and the establishment of Regional Centres or RHQs based on sound cost/benefit analysis. Public and press promotions of activities both nationally and to a political audience are an integral part of the process.

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AusAccess enhances the presence and profile of its clients with federal and State governments. Support activities begin with a clear understanding of client objectives.


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