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AusAccess enhances the presence and profile of its clients with Federal and State Governments. Support activ Effective Canberra-based links into Federal Government on policy and program areas
Procurement ities begin with a clear understanding of client objectives including:
3 The will to build local and national recognition
4 issue analysis
4 Technology, telecommunications, trade and Defence policies and programs knowledge
4 Requirements for timely and accurate data and intelligence
4 Preparation of positioning strategies, targeted business plans and other corporate initiatives
4 The desire to project a positive image of the corporation and its activities.
Canberra-based representation is essential to the achievement of the above objectives. In an atmosphere of on-going Federal Government changes, corporations face major policy reform, large funding cuts, the downsizing of the Federal bureaucracy and restrictions on the activities of the public sector agencies. Corporate goals must be projected effectively. Key interests – and at times reputations – must be protected when doing business with government.
Representation to Federal Government has greatest impact when undertaken by experienced professionals with an intimate knowledge of the workings of the Federal political, Parliamentary and departmental systems.
This representation can be done cost effectively noting that for many corporations, some level of outsourcing is an attractive alternative to dedicated staff.
Effective representation in Canberra – based on the right partnership – achieving a set of agreed milestones over a given period. Achievement of corporate objectives is rarely a matter of single issue lobbying or the passing from issue to issue, as priorities dictate.

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