Lobbying and Senior Representation

 For representative work at the medium to high levels of government, a monthly retainer based on a twelve-month contract is the usual form of arrangement. Contracts are negotiated to focus on longer-term objectives.
AusAccess can combine representation with the management of a comprehensive set of external resources for clients to establish and maintain effective public sector liaison.
The central management of such resources, including public relations advisors, marketing consultants and industry specialists, provides clients with a single interface to maximise leverage and minimise communication difficulties.
A second arm of lobbying and senior representation covers fixed price fixed term projects. Such undertakings are highly focused on for example a specific policy outcome, analysis of identified stakeholders or a one issue public affairs campaign.
Fees are usually inclusive of all costs (with the exception of dedicated travel, accommodation and entertainment on the client’s behalf). Expenditure, which is additional to the negotiated fee, will not be undertaken without clear direction from the client.
Office facilities including a conference room are available to support Canberra itineraries of visiting clients.


Industry Development Undertakings and Government

AusAccess will negotiate fixed price contracts for the preparation and lodgment of client applications related to Endorsed Supplier Arrangements, Fixed Term Arrangements, Partnerships for Development and government purchasing panels.
The management of client undertakings in industry development programs such as Fixed Term Arrangements, Partnerships for Development and Industry Development Plans (for carriers in the deregulated market) can be undertaken either as part of the retainer/on-cost fee structure described above or separately.