Electronic Commerce

AusAccess is a pioneer in electronic commerce in Australia having run the first industry wide trial here in 1995-96 under the auspices of the Department of Industry and the Australian Chamber of Manufactures. The trial was based on the Trade’ex model (now part of Ariba) and won a Gartner U.S. award for its contribution to e-commerce.

AusAccess has extended its knowledge of e-commerce to other business efficiency tools along with methodologies for their take-up, efficacy and the economic impacts on government and industry. AusAccess has been the lead consultant to Tasmania Business (online) perhaps the most significant geographic project in Australia to date
AusAccess has conducted research on, and modelling of, new economy business models in Australia, Europe and the US with a number of leading organizations including the Gartner Group. Modelling includes
authenticating technologies
2 transaction
3 cataloguing
4 ASP modelling
4 frameworks for strategic planning
4 delivering on value
4 capital raising