Government Relations

No major corporation can be an effective national player unless it enjoys on-the-ground access to Canberra’s bureaucratic and political networks and has the requisite marketing strategy to go with it. AusAccess - by drawing on the skills, experience and network of its principals and associates - addresses that requirement.

More specifically, AusAccess can assist by:
Providing representative services to increase access and leverage within the Federal Government arena and facilitating access to Ministers, Parliamentarians (on a bipartisan basis) and advisers – for the executives of clients at the “right” level
2 “Profiling” clients within the Federal Government arena ensuring that their products, services and corporate philosophy are appropriately represented within the Canberra economic/bureaucratic networks – this extends to the coaching of clients as part of their preparation before negotiations with Government or meetings with Ministers and their staff
3 Identifying the right opportunities - commercial, publicity-related and politically astute, and matching those opportunities to a marketing and sales strategy to enhance tactical advantage, using its networks and expertise to influence Federal Government policies, to enhance the penetration of Federal programs, and to develop strategic solutions to government “obstacles”
4 Arranging links to industry and establishing networks with corporations sharing the same or similar policy positions or objectives – to increase impact in the lobbying process, and establishing linkages where appropriate to known organisations in state capitals as part of a national strategy or campaign.