Issues Management

In addition to understanding corporate strengths and weaknesses, all organisations must be prepared for the unexpected - they must have structures in place that will deal effectively with a crisis and take full advantage of an opportunity. Issues management is a process that positions an issue and an organisation to achieve the best outcome. It can be done as the pure management of an issue or “the back foot” approach - to deal with crises. Alternatively companies can take the promotional or “front foot” approach - to fully exploit the potential benefits of a particular issue.

AusAccess prefers to initiate its client relationship with an Issues Management process based on a broad range of in-house experiences, an understanding of current political, public and commercial environments and an ability to develop strategies suited to a particular organisation. The process ensures that a client is:
aware of its strengths and weaknesses and is prepared for the unexpected
2 has in place a communications plan
3 is able to access in-house and external experts for crisis situations; and
4 is trained to deal with the media.